Cascade is an intelligent mapping software.

What is Cascade ?

Cascade is an intelligent mapping software.

This mode of access to the application enables collaborative mapping of the territory, several stations can have a simultaneous access to the application. With the web service, the initial configuration of the access, maintenance, updates and technical support are facilitated by direct access from Cascade to your files. You instantly get updates. A user name and password provide complete security of access and data is completely secure due to regular backups on our servers.

Cascade Special features:

What is a purpose of using Cascade ? When is it used ?

Crisis preparedness

Cascade can map strategic buildings, emergency centers, shelters for victims, resources.
It can also map the risks and early levels of severity.

As you can scroll the time, you can map the possible domino effects, possible changes in gravity, capacity changes and provide important information for organization and actions.

You can identify essential points of intervention to reduce the possible destruction.

Exercises and training

Cascade is particularly well suited for simulation exercises and training.

It allows mapping of events, changing over time, mapping of dynamics and changes in gravity.

As you are in web service mode, you can make a collaborative timeline for several stations that can get a simultaneous access to the application.
You can interact with the actors directly on the map and observe the whole situation.

You can make exercises for actions before and during the crisis Gestion de crise

Real-time crisis management


Better understanding of the unfolding of the crisis

Gestion de crise

What is a target group of Cascade ?

Prefects, Mayors, Municipal Elected, Risk Director, Civil Defense chief, crisis centers, crisis management trainers, schools, Universities

Who uses Cascade ?

Cartographers, risk analysts, consultants, municipality services, Geology services ...

How often you use Cascade ?

Cascade is being used during special periods of time for reflections and risk analyzes. Cascade can be used annually for crisis exercises with waterfall, it can also be used quarterly. Finally Cascade is being used during the crises and after them for feedback.

Where can you use Cascade ?

Cascade can be used on all crisis PCs and because of its access to the Internet from any location. Blocked in your car in a 5 km traffic jam, you can use Cascade to monitor and manage the crisis.

Why choose Cascade ?


Creating maps from Excel


Management of identity and access


Computer, laptop, tablet, mobile


Unlimited connections

Cascade: a validated tool

Cascade has been successfully tested during a year as a unique tool for crisis management of „Grand Cold and Snowfall“ episode in Ile de France.

Gestion de crise
Gestion de crise
Gestion de crise
Gestion de crise
Gestion de crise

Add-ons and Options

Loading funds adaptable to different needs:

The maps can also be custom designed (information integration)

Different arts of information can be developed

Access to contacts and information from one place in a single click.
Links to Apparition incorporation of Cities Recovery Plans (sheets procedures, actions, etc.) or to websites (vigicrues).

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Integration of GIS data, related to PCS

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Cascade private web
12000 € HT
  • Unlimited Uses
  • Web server at customer
  • Administrator Interface
  • Final purchase + Yearly upgrade 25%
Cascade cloud
8000 € HT
  • Unlimited Uses
  • Pack 10 licences
  • Additional license 200 € ht
  • Administrator Interface
  • Final purchase + Yearly upgrade 25%
Cascade crisis school
3000 € HT
  • Training usage
  • 21 licences
  • Administrator Interface
  • Annual contract
Cascade web simulateur
  • Crisis exercices
  • Unlimited Uses (1 an)
  • 4 exercices : 2500 € ht
  • 10 exercices : 4500 € HT
  • 25 exercices : 10000 € HT
  • 50 exercices : 17500 € HT
  • 100 exercices : 30000 € HT


Cascade training :

  • Participants : 15
  • Connected room with video projector
  • Number of pc: 15
  • Access to Cascade of 45 days during and after the training, for initiation

Prices :

  • Cascade E-Learning: 30mn - 250€ ht / person
  • One day training : 1500€ ht / person
  • Intra training 3 person max: 5000€ ht - 2 jours

Déroulement de la formation :

  • 9h00 - 9h30 : Introduction to Cascade
  • 9h30 - 11h00 : Method of use
  • 11h00 - 11h15 : Coffee break
  • 9h30 - 11h00 : Method of use
  • 12h00 - 13h30 : Lunch break
  • 13h30 - 17h30 : Simulation exercises
    1. scenario (dam failure, flood, chemical explosion in a factory ...)
    2. work with the participants (choice of a problem they are confronted with)