Overmind-Dynamic is a consulting company specializing in management of systemic risks.

The Research and development team of Overmind created a unique software on the basis of a simulation model that allows modeling of propagating dynamic interdependencies and cascading effects caused by numerous events.

Today our software allows anticipation of risks on your territory, detecting of their systemic impacts, dynamic connection of all prevention and response activities in order to overcome the crisis and to return to a normal situation. Our simulators of systemic crises produce a large amount of useful scenarios for training and preparation purposes. The models of the crisis are being adapted in real-time depending on the events that occur and allow anticipation of responses in order to reduce the damage.

We provide support in assessment and improvement of the overall resilience.
This result was validated by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research by obtaining the status of Young Innovative Company in 2009.
Overmind consultants help you to estimate and to reduce the disastrous effects of every risk and of any set of risks on human lives, infrastructure and communications, financial and economic structures, in urban and rural areas, including level of losses.
Our services address territorial governments, businesses and industrial sites under the supervision and by implementation of perspective planning.

We take into consideration all following systemic risks :
  • Risk of forest fire
  • Flood risk
  • Seismic risk
  • Risk of landslide
  • Tsunami risk
  • Coastal risks (storms, coastal erosion, coastal flooding, impacts of climate change)
  • Risks by transportation of hazardous materials
  • Technological risks
  • Economic risks
  • Environmental risks
  • Geopolitical risks
  • Social risks
  • Cultural risks
  • Specific risks