Systemic Diagnosis of Risks

We carry out a Systemic Diagnosis of Risks on your territory that will be an extension of the Safeguard Plan. You will have paper plans to display in the crisis room in order to demonstrate dynamics of all trigger events. The diagnosis helps to create Systemic Risk Plan, which will be the heart of the backup system.

Our experts know how to detect cause and effect-chains of events and the loops, which are reinforcing and balancing the impacts. With our computer model we can assess dynamic impacts of each risk over time and highlight interdependencies. We identify all systemic risks and cascade effects that may evolve from any trigger of crisis. You can take into account interdependencies between events and responses to assure better protection of people and infrastructure on your territory.

With our risk analysis method we detect all significant risks that can contribute to crisis.
We do our best to leave nothing to chance.

We study the risks together with You and complement the process with our system analysis methods.
We move to validate the first level of results.

Following the Systemic Risk Plan we will deliver a 2D-simulation on a GIS map of your territory with all chains of impacts.
We plan in real time taking into account the actual GIS information on the dynamics of impact chains that can change the results of our anticipation.

Diagnostic systémique de risques
Systemic risk diagnosis
Systemic risk diagnosis
Systemic risk diagnosis

Diagnosis of Resilience

We carry out Diagnosis of Resilience of your territory that will be an extension of the Safeguard Plan. We study all your actions in the framework of preparedness, response, recovery and reconstruction and we confront them with the Systemic Risk Plan.

Diagnosis of Resilience

With our systemic computer model we can assess dynamic impacts of all your response and reconstruction actions on the overall resilience.
With our method of analysis we detect problems evolving in time to optimize allocation of resources. You can cope effectively to minimize the suffering and destruction.

With our methods you can adapt your capacities in accordance with the changing dynamics of your needs.

Diagnosis of Resilience
Diagnosis of Resilience

We deliver a Resilience Plan that takes into account future of land use. The crisis should be seen an opportunity to transform the area in such a way, that the effects of a future crisis are reduced.

Simulator for systemic crisis

We help you to prepare for the crises.

Simulator of impacts

With Systemic Model of the Crisis that matches your territory we build a simulator that leads you through the possible crises.
Depending on your choice you can use a series of different scenarios for training.
The Simulator is valid for several years and saves you a lot of extra costs.

Simulateur de crise systémique
Simulateur de crise systémique

PC-support for a systemic crisis

We assure PC-support during the crisis and we modify models in real time in accordance with actual information from areas of hazards on your territory.
A call team, mobilized 24h/day, responds in real time and helps you to make the right decisions.

We carry a « hot-line » for systemic diagnosis of areas of hazards on your territory.

We support decision making under consideration of interdependencies between the dynamics of the crisis and resources for the resolution.

As reality never matches the best plans, we carry out a continuous updating of impact chains. Our system models can recalculate the consequences of newly emerging constellations of events.
During the crisis we can anticipate the effects of new impacts and assure better leadership and better equipment of the rescue.

Post Crisis Feedback

We organize a feedback with a detailed report to assess the issues that may need an improvement.

Upgrading of the Systemic Risk Plan

The Systemic Model evolves after the crisis, completed with new risks and challenges.
In order to limit the impacts of a subsequent crisis on the relevant territory it is necessary to reshape the Systemic Risk Plan